Here Are 14 UnKnown Facts About TELUGU Films. SHOCKING Things

Everyone is interested about actors, shootings, and stuff like that. So we thought we should share some littleknown facts with you guys. Check how many you were aware of! if you want to Know all about this new stuff read here

1. Harish Shankar – Gabbar Singh:  The person you see in this scene, which comes after the song Kevvu Keka, is actually Harish Shankar. NOT Pawan Kalyan.


2. Tricep Scene in Chatrapathi: The tricep in Chatrapathi, which everybody thought Prabhas worked hard for, belonged to this guy, whom you can also see in Baahubali.


3. Ravi Teja – Eega: Ravi Teja was actually supposed to do Taagubothu Ramesh’s role in Eega(which was originally a serious role). But Rajamouli thought people would think Samantha would fall for him, and made it a comedy character.

4. Allari Naresh Birthday Death Scene (Gamyam) :  Allari Naresh did the scene in which he dies in Gamyam, on his birthday of all days!


5. Temper, Arya 2 Songs: While shooting for ‘Mee Nanna Temper’ song in Temper and ‘My Love is Gone’ in Aarya 2, NTR and Allu Arjun had high fever. Even then, they pulled off such killer dance moves. Respect!

6. Thalaivaa Song – Bujjigadu: Prabhas underwent a strict weight loss regime to get the six-pack look for Bujjigadu. And while shooting for this song in the hot sun, he fainted because of his low diet.

7. MS Narayana in Bujjigadu:  In this scene, MS Narayana cried without the help of Glycerin. This goes to show what a great actor, and a great human being, he was!

8. Mahesh Babu Debut – Yamaleela: Mahesh was approached to be cast in Yamaleela. But Superstar Krishna felt it was too soon for him and subsequently Ali did the role.

9. Shobhan Babu – Athadu: Shoban Babu was approached to do Nasser’s role in Athadu. He declined because he wanted to be remembered as the Soggadu that he was, not as an old man.

10. Ravi Teja – Ninne Pelladatha: Ravi Teja was one of the Assistant Directors for this film. During the bike race sequence, he was the one who held a fan to make Nag’s hair fly.

11. Manchu Manoj – Mr. Nookayya: During this particular scene, Manoj insisted on doing his own stunts and suffered a fracture in his leg. The film’s shooting had to be delayed by 6 months because of this!

12. Manmadhudu Climax: In the climax, there is a scene in which Sonali Bendre was supposed to save Nag from drowning, because he is scared of water in the film. But in reality, it was the other way around and Nag saved Sonali from drowning as she couldn’t swim!

13. Prabhas – Baahubali: It was during the shoot of this scene that Prabhas suffered a shoulder injury. He had to undergo a surgery too!

14. Kick – Wrong Lip Sync: In this scene, Raghu Babu says “Nee picha pizza hut lo petta!”. But actually he said something else during the shoot. Find out seeing this gif!

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